serviceDon’t wait until the hot days and humid nights of summer. A properly maintained cooling system can sometimes double the life expectancy of the A/C unit.

Here in Southwest Florida we run our air conditioner almost all year round. Not to mention once summer comes our air conditioners do not stop running.

MaintenanceMaking sure to perform preventative Air Conditioning Maintenance can help you and your family avoid high electric bills and untimely breakdowns, have a longer system life span, and insures your air conditioning system will run as efficiently as possible.

What You Can Do For Your A/C

  • Change the air filter(s) monthly (if you can not remember when it is time to change your air filters, you can sign up for our Air Filter Change Reminder and we will send you a email when it is time to change your filters)
  • Keep the area around your air conditioning system clean and free of debris
  • Change air conditioner thermostat batteries once a year
    Keep your A/C running

What We Can Do For You For Your A/C
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